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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

ITOP(hereinafter referred to as "we") highly respects the protection of users' personal information. When you use the services provided by ITOP Platform, we will collect, use and share your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.This privacy policy includes collection, storage, use, share, and we protect your personal information, we hope that through this privacy policy to clearly introduce you to our handling of your personal information, so we recommend that you fully read this privacy policy, in order to help you understand the way to maintain their privacy.

I. Scope of Application

ITOP's unremitting pursuit is to provide users with better, better and more personalized services. We also hope that the services we provide can make your life more convenient.This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by ITOP Platform. This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by ITOP Platform when you visit the ITOP Platform website and/or log in relevant clients to use the services provided by ITOP Platform.

How We Collect Information

We collect information in order to provide you with better, better and more personalized services. We collect information as follows:

1. The information you provided to us.The information you fill in and/or submit when you register a ITOP account and use the relevant services provided by the ITOP Platform, including your name, gender, date of birth, ID card number, telephone number, email address, address, game account number and relevant additional information (such as your province and city, postal code, etc.).

2. Information collected during your use of the Service.In order to provide and optimize the services you need, we will collect information about your use of the Services. Such information includes:

When you use the ITOP Platform services or visit the ITOP Platform webpage, ITOP will automatically receive and record the information on your browser and computer, including but not limited to your IP address, type of browser, language used, date and time of access, software and hardware feature information and the webpage record and other data required by you;If you download or use ITOP or its affiliated company client software, or visit mobile web pages to use ITOP platform services, ITOP may read information related to your location and mobile device, including but not limited to device model, device identification number, operating system, resolution, telecom operator, etc.

In addition to the above information, we may also offer service and improve the service quality in order to collect and reasonable requirements for your other information, including your contact our customer service team when you provide the relevant information, you send to us when you participate in the questionnaire survey questionnaire response information, and you and ITOP interaction between related parties, ITOP partners when we collect the relevant information.At the same time, in order to improve your use of ITOP platform services provided by the security, prevent phishing fraud more accurately and Trojan virus, we may be through to know something about your Internet use habits, your common methods for software information and so on to determine the risk of your account, and may record some we think there's a risk of the URL.

3. Information from third parties

In order to provide you with better, better and more personalized services, or jointly provide services for you, or for the purpose of preventing Internet fraud, ITOP's affiliated parties and partners will share your personal information with ITOP in accordance with legal provisions, agreements with you or with your consent.

You understand and agree that the following information does not apply to this Privacy Policy:

A) The keyword information you entered when using the search service provided by ITOP platform;

B) When you do not select the function of "anonymous purchase" and/or "anonymous evaluation", the relevant data collected by ITOP about your transaction on ITOP Platform, including but not limited to bidding, closing information and evaluation details;

C) Credit evaluation, conduct in violation of legal provisions or ITOP rules, and measures taken by ITOP against you;

D) The enterprise name and other relevant industrial and commercial registration information as well as the information of natural persons and managers to be published as required by laws and regulations.

3. How We Use Information

Since we collect your information for the purpose of providing you with services and improving the quality of our services, we will use your information for the following purposes:

1). Provide you with the services you use, and maintain and improve these services.

2). Recommend to you the content that you may be interested in, including but not limited to, sending product and service information to you, or displaying personalized third party promotion information to you through the system, or sharing information with ITOP partners with your consent so that they can send you information about their products and services.

3). We may use your personal Information to prevent, detect or investigate fraud, security hazards, illegal or violations of agreements, policies or rules with us or our affiliates to protect the legitimate rights and interests of you, other our users, or us or our affiliates.

4). We may combine personal information from one service with information from other services for use, sharing or disclosure in order to provide you with more personalized use of the service, such as the need for you to have a wider social circle.

5). Other USES approved by you.

4. How We Share Information

We will keep your Information confidential and will not sell or rent any of your Information to third parties for marketing purposes. We will only share your information with third parties if:

1). Obtain your prior consent or authorization.

2). In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations or the requirements of administrative or judicial bodies.

3). Share your personal information with ITOP's affiliated parties.

4). Provide your personal information to trusted partners to process such information for us in accordance with our instructions and in accordance with our Privacy policy and any other corresponding confidentiality and security measures.

5). If you are a qualified INTELLECTUAL property complainant and have filed a complaint, you shall, at the request of the Respondent, disclose it to the respondent so that the parties may resolve any possible rights dispute.

6). Only by sharing your information can you provide the services you need or handle the disputes or disputes between you and others.For example, in a transaction created by you on ITOP, if either party of the transaction performs or partially performs the transaction obligations and makes a request for information disclosure, ITOP will, as the case may be, provide the user with the necessary information such as the contact information of the other party of the transaction to facilitate the completion of the transaction or the resolution of the dispute.

7). If you violate relevant United Kingdom laws, regulations or ITOP agreements or relevant rules, you shall disclose to a third party.

8). To protect the legitimate rights and interests of ITOP and its affiliated parties or users.

V. Use of Cookies and Beacons

In order to make your access experience easier, we may identify you through small data files when you visit the ITOP platform or use the services provided by the ITOP Platform, to help you save the steps of re-entering registration information or to help determine the security of your account.These data files may be cookies, Flash cookies, or other local storage provided by your browser or associated application (collectively, "cookies").

Please understand that some of our services can only be implemented by using "cookies".If your browser or browser add-on services allow you, you may modify the acceptance of cookies or reject ITOP cookies, but this may in some cases affect your safe access to the ITOP plate-related websites and use of the services provided by the ITOP platform.

Web pages often contain some electron image (referred to as "single pixel GIF files" or "web beacons"), the calculation to browse the web using web beacons can help web site users or visit some cookies, we will through the network beacon to collect information about your browsing activity, such as the requested page address, your quotes page address of previous visit, stay on the page of your time, your browsing environment as well as the display setting and so on.

Vi. Storage of Information

Information and data about you collected by ITOP will be kept on the servers of ITOP and/or its affiliates, and such information and data may be transmitted to your country, region or the place where ITOP collects such information and data, and accessed, stored and displayed at such place.

Protection of Your Personal Information

To ensure the security of your information, we strive to take all reasonable physical, electronic and administrative security measures to protect your information from leakage, damage or loss, including but not limited to SSL, encrypted storage of information, and access control of data centers.We also take strict management measures for employees or outsourcing personnel who may have access to your information, including but not limited to taking different rights control according to different positions, signing confidentiality agreements with them, monitoring their operation conditions and other measures.ITOP will provide appropriate security measures to protect your information according to the existing technology and provide reasonable security guarantee. ITOP will do its best to prevent your information from being disclosed, damaged or lost.

Your account has security protection function, please keep your account and password information properly.ITOP will ensure that your information is not lost, misused or altered by backup to other servers, encryption of user passwords and other security measures.In spite of the aforementioned security measures, please understand that "perfect security measures" do not exist on the information network.

When using ITOP platform services for online transactions, you will inevitably have to disclose your personal information, such as contact information or zip code, to the trading party or potential trading party.Please properly protect your personal information and only provide it to others if necessary.If you find that your personal information is disclosed, especially your account and password, please contact the customer service of ITOP immediately so that ITOP can take appropriate measures.

Viii. Juvenile Protection

We do not knowingly collect minors' personal information, nor do we advise minors to use our services.Unless permitted by local law and approved by the guardian, minors should not register an account or send their name, address, telephone number, email address and other personal information to us.If we accidentally collect information about minors, we will delete it as soon as we know it.If you think we may be improperly holding information from or about minors, please contact us.

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